Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Promise Me

Book Club Alert! Ever wonder who IS this Susan Komen and how HAS her name become so ubiquitiously associated with the Race for the Cure against breast cancer? Well, I know. Because I read stuff. And, I got friends at book club who know lots and lots of stuff – and recommend really good books like Promise Me, written by Ms. Komen’s sister, Nancy G. Brinker.

Promise Me seems (to me) to be three books in one!

  1. -A human interest story where we meet the infamous and beautiful Susan Komen (along with her incredibly ambitious sister Nan). “Susie” was a pretty lady and dedicated wife and mother - who died much too young. She suggested to her sister that cancer treatment need not be such a sentence. Perhaps victims should be treated with a speck more humanity. Have you, or someone you know, gone through treatment? Were the walls painted in bright colors? Or were there floral decorations of some sort? You can probably thank Susan. And, of course, her sister.
  2. -A medically intriguing history which takes us from the days of horribly painful surgeries without anesthetics to a completely amazing awareness campaign that we now know as "The Race for the Cure". (The phrase "Awareness Campaign" seems a bit trite!) Was there a time do you remember that it was shameful to discuss breast cancer? Some of you do, for sure. Thanks goodness we seem beyond that.
  3. -The story of Nancy Brinker herself. She certainly had her share of hardship, but boy has she made her mark on the world. I'd like have some of this fireball rub off on me...

Loved the writing. Loved the information. And for anyone who has been affected by a cancer victim, this is a story worth taking the time to read.

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