Friday, March 25, 2011

The Storm Before Atlanta by Karen Schwabach

Did my last post ramble on about reading for pleasure? Well, let's get back to expanding the mind. For my hospital stay, I chose a book that took place during the Civil War. Interesting choice, I must say. As I learned of men having limbs sawed off without provisions, I thought maybe I should suck up my bit o' pain with a bit more gusto.

For anyone who likes historical fiction, this is a good read. I believe it was actually written for Middle Grade, but I just loaned it out to my mother-in-law. She'll read it quickly...cuz I do want the kids to read this one. (I want my kids to read everything. Just ask them.) Anyway, back to the Civil War...back to this book.

While I wasn't unfamiliar with the details that were described in the book, they were very well done throughout the story. It never hurts to be reminded of the horrors of war. And the Civil War seems, to me, to be the worst of the worst.

What was great about this book was the personal stories of a boy who went to war to find glory and a girl who escaped slavery to find freedom. Neither of them discovered what they expected. (Do we ever find what we're after?) After navigating fierce battles and befriending a Rebel spy, the war gives Jeremy and Dulce battle scars. But most of all, it gives them a deep understanding of selflessness and true friendship.

There are a lot of interesting twists and turns in this book that will definitely keep you flipping the pages. I don't won't to blow it for you... Alex told me she's starting a unit on the Civil War in History. How timely. I mentioned there's this book that would be great for her to read...I don't think she rolled her eyes.

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