Monday, March 21, 2011

Reading for Pleasure??? YES!

Preface - Half of blog was written "before surgery." Finished this blog today...sorry if the ending seems a little "rushed." :) I really did enjoy the book. 

When choosing a book to read, my selection usually boils down to
  • a long-standing bestseller,
  • an Oprah pick,
  • a that I'm well-read - and of course living up to my "English degree" from the U of Iowa reputation (and becoming more masterful writer),
  • a spiritual or self-help - for obvious reasons,
  • a non-fiction/business to hone, hone, hone, hone...expand, expand, expand my knowledge of anything really, and/or
  • basically anything that's not wasteful of my time...
Then it occurred to me as I finished reading a book the other day, what's so wrong about wasting time? And does reading always have to be a learning experience? It seems I've forgotten the joy of reading for leisure. So, about this book? Chasing the Sun by Kaki Warner. And it was really good! Quite honestly, it probably wasn't something I would have picked up, but I won it on a blog contest. And I'm glad I did - BECAUSE:

I haven't read a Western since....??? And it was great fun. It was like watching Hopalong Cassidy with my dad as a little girl. And who couldn't love a story with a myriad of strong female characters, tangled love interests, witty dialogue and, of course, despicable villains? Oh yeah, there's a really nice fairy tale ending - my favorite... 

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