Saturday, January 1, 2011

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

There are writers in which I take a particular delight; as soon as I read their written words, it's like coming home from a long hard, day at the office. And when I'm done with their books, I'm sad. It's like Monday morning all over again.  Elizabeth (or Liz, as I like to think of her) Gilbert is one of those authors for me.

On the first day of the 2011, I finished Committed, Ms. Gilbert's follow-up piece to the wildly successful memoir Eat, Pray, Love.  (Love that one too.)  This book had the same voice of the writer, but a much different feel. It's a compelling, smart sequel for a someone whose world was sadly falling apart a few years back.  Now her dilemma (even though very personal -- she must marry Felipe, if she wants to stay with him) seems to identify at a much more universal level.

Anyway, the read is very anecdotal (adding to the warmth - she is lovingly self-deprecating), and it's interestingly academic at times.  Truly, Committed is engaging (no pun intended) for anyone who wants to talk about love and marriage. And who doesn't want to talk about that? Really! Even most guys, deep down, like to talk about it. Even MY husband.

Mostly, I love the way Liz writes. (Yes, she and I are having tea next week.) She has a vast lexicon. (I slightly regret not purchasing the tome (:)) on the Kindle - her vocabulary is a bit more extensive than mine....had to get my arse off the couch to find the actual dictionary a few times. Good for me though.)  And for the aspiring writer in me, I so admire how she effortlessly pieces together a story or an argument, not forgetting to weave in her cunning wit.  I find myself giggling and uttering, "good point" in the same breath.

I found out that Elizabeth (we're not really that close) will be speaking in Omaha in April! Mother and I decided that we'll be venturing out to this conference - no matter what. Hope that I can somehow manage my way over to obtain a signature on my two books, maybe I can think of something witty to tell her - or, something poignant about her book. But star power will probably overtake me. I'll probably think of the most brilliant point ever made about marriage days before the event. But when I meet her?

"I like the part about the flower girl in your book. That was cute...." If I say anything at all.

Anyway, the point of this post - I loved the book, as I love the writer. If you like Lizzy Gilbert and you're at all interested in the institution of marriage, I suggest you read.

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