Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron

Because I was going to be traveling in my car during my two weeks vacation, I went to the library to check out some Bill Bryson audio books. Since our library only had Bill on cassette, I had to find something else. As fate would have it, my eyes were drawn to Nora Ephron's bright yellow cover "I Feel Bad About My Neck" which happenend to be on DVD.  And thank goodness. Because it was so hilarious, that I spent quite a bit of my vacation googling Ms. Ephron on watching her on YouTube and reading her articles in the New Yorker.

And I thought she just made movies. My, that woman is clever.

My review of Nora doesn't really mean squat, but if you're just feeling kind of bad about anything at all, this might be the book or audio for you. I almost recommend audio - hearing it in Nora's voice is par for the course. She doesn't try to cover up any of her heartache. She makes an art of self-deprecation. And she still knows how to laugh. But you know what's best about Nora? Underneath it all, it's quite evident that Nora is still a hopeless romantic. Who can't love this woman??? I just wish I could have coffee with her tomorrow. If I drank coffee.

I'm going to get her other stuff as soon as I get through about five other books waiting to be read. I'm just trying to decide - audio or paper? I'm pretty sure if I buy her books, I can imagine her voice since now every other book I read is now in Nora's voice (even those not written by her).

Rating? Five star and a smiley face. (No neck)

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