Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Writer's Digest Lucky Agent Contest!

One of the blogs on my google reader is And they do some really cool stuff -- like sponsor contests! If you're interested in entering, check out the blog!

I'm so entering...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Same Kind of Different as Me

This non-fiction story by Ron Hall and Denver Moore is so worth the read. It's one of those, "gosh, I should become a better person" book.

The book is told in from the perspective of two men from completely different sides of the fence -- a very rich Texan art dealer and a poor homeless man who has had his share run-ins with the law. The men are brought together by the art dealer's angel of a wife who volunteers at a homeless shelter. And this woman is an angel...I'm sure she and SIster Theresa are sitting together on a cloud somewhere.

Anyway, I love those stories which fate brings together the unlikeliest of characters and causes unforeseen changes of the heart...especially when the change of heart is the reader. A must read for anyone...