Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Harry Potter. Twilight. Those of you who have read either of those series understand the "that was good-can't wait to read the next one!" feeling. Suzanne Collins' sequel to The Hunger Games, CATCHING FIRE, smashes that sentiment to pieces. As a matter of fact, thirty seconds after I read the last word of the last chapter, I was searching for the third novel online - only to find out that it won't be released until AUGUST 24TH! Let me apologize to all those whom I've recommended the read - If you haven't started reading it, perhaps wait to start the series this summer so as not to keep you hanging for so long. Or not.

Ms. Collins not only has an incredible imagination, but she has strong prose (especially for YA), colorful dialogue and characters that make you go "hmm". The heroine of our story (Katniss) can't really be described as endearing, yet her character quite preoccupied me. Brutally honest. Protective. Loyal. While she does everything she can to keep within her walls, the author intricately allows a love triangle to enter her life. Oh, yes - it's also a romance.

While the book is fantasy, the underlying political themes are a bit haunting...and most profoundly pronounced in this sequel. Of course, I'm beyond anxious to find out the fate of Panem (a place formerly known as North America) and Katniss's loved ones.
(Katniss is only one of the interesting names in the books...for those of you looking for unique baby names, put the baby name books away!

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  1. I read and love "The Hunger Games". This one is on my list for summer reading.


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