Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

Have you ever been in the middle of something and suddenly you realize you miss your mom or dad because you haven't spoken with them in awhile? Have you ever wanted to leave a work project and spend the rest of the day merely staring at your kids? Have you ever simply needed to call your spouse, with nothing really to say, but needed to reaffirm your connection to each other?

MY SISTER'S KEEPER reminded me of these feelings that periodically consume me, causing me to block out all the minutia before me. I'm not one to pick a novel that will inevitably leave me crying. But one of my-book friends handed her copy to me, simply stating it was one of the best she's ever read. How could I not? (Dang it Deb, I haven't been able keep mascara from streaming down my cheeks for a week now.)

I finished the novel last night, and without giving anything away, I am compelled to communicate the impact the story had on me personally. First, let me try to express the love for my family in the form of a timeline:

May 28, 1991: Met the love of my life and knew we were destined to be together. Never had I met someone whom I couldn't bear the thought of parting...(Married August 27, 1994)
June 6, 1997: Birthed our first child, a daughter. Was amazed by my overwhelming need to protect and care for the beautiful baby. I could barely stand the thought of NOT holding her.
August 27, 2001: Birthed our second child, a son. My fear of not loving the second child as much as the first was quickly squelched the minute I wrapped my arms around the feisty infant.

Undoubtedly, I love my family with every inch of my essence. MY SISTER'S KEEPER filled me with enormous gratitude for their health. I also realized how much I take our daily contact for granted. No longer will my hugs, kisses, laughs and banter will be done by rote. Yes, I hate to admit that I let those wonderful expressions of love sometimes exist in the form of a mental to-do list. No longer.

Thanks, Deb, for lending me Jodi Picoult's MY SISTER'S KEEPER. Sometimes we need friends to give us reminders on how to live. It was the perfect reminder.

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