Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Reading Lists?

Now that it is OFFICIALLY summer, what reading are you planning to do in the next few months? I'd love to hear from YOU!

Since the kids have been out of school, here's what I've read...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
This book provides me nightly reading with Cole. Funny, boyish humor -- great recommendation if you want to find something to discuss with your 7 year-old boy.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wrobleski
Beautiful prose, engaging characters. But the ending will piss you off. I'm serious! No one in my book club felt the ending was justified.

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
Undoubtedly, I'm a big fan of Lisa See. The voices of her characters are lovely. Her historical streaming is captivating. I found tears coming out of nowhere as I read various parts of the book. While this book has closure, there's some wiggle room for a sequel.

What's next on my list?
Well, I'm taking a few days to blog and rewrite a few passages of my own books. Then, it's The Host by Stephenie Meyer. But after that? I'm not sure -- what are you all reading or planning to read? I have a long list, but would love to hear suggestions from you all!


  1. The books on my list will shock you not in the least, but here's what's sitting on my nightstand right now:

    The Van Halen Saga/Ian Christie - I actually just finished this lastnight. Don't bother, it's obvious all he did was go through a stack of old Rolling Stone, Circus, and Guitar World magazines. I even recognized a lot of the passages. It did nothing to sway the opinion I've had for well over ten years now - everyone who's ever been in that band is a complete asshole except for Michael Anthony and the guy from Extreme.

    The Heroin Diaries/Nikki Sixx - amazing this guy is still alive, and also amazing how repetitive this book is. I'll summarize for you: Day 21 - Woke up. Shot up. Snorted Coke. Drank a fifth of Jack. Wrote a shitty song. Passed out. Pissed the bed. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (every five days or so, insert random passages like "had sex with Vanity", "Whitesnake sucks", or "God, Vince is a dick")

    Heaven And Hell/Don Felder - the revenge-laden tell-all book by the ousted Eagles guitarist, who more than anything wants desperately for you to know that he and he ALONE wrote the music to "Hotel California".

    Slash/Slash & Anthony Bozza - only about 100 pages in on this one, but it's pretty good so far. Who'da thunk that Steven Adler would've lost his virginity at age 10.

    Ronnie/Ronnie Wood - I haven't got around to reading this but I can only imagine you could basically take the Slash book and interchange various names accordingly.

    Tommyland/Tommy Lee & Anthony Bozza - this Bozza dude gets around. Less of an autobiography than "Life Lessons by Tommy". Most of which I can't repeat here.

  2. Thanks Tom for the suggestion on what and what not to read in the world of rock. Alex will be glad to know that the Slash book is worth reading. Although I won't let her read it!


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