Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beyond Pippi Longstocking

I am proud that my 12 year old Alex is an avid reader. But it has taken a few years to cultivate her fondness for literature. I'm hoping that Cole eventually finds his stride as well; he's a good reader, but when I make him sit down to read, he grimaces the entire fifteen minutes. Apparently, he's more comfortable reading upside down on the couch.

Avid readers share a certain connection, as I've said before. It can bring together the most unlikely friendships. And it can strengthen the relationships with those closest to you. Thursday night, my mother, my daughter and I trekked to Des Moines to hear author Lisa See speak. It gave me joy to hear Alex ask the author a question about her book, even if the question only involved a Chinese dessert!

I've read more Young Adult novels in this past year than ever because I want to keep connecting with my daughter as she enters the oh-so-scary years of teenagers. In case we can't seem to find much in common, we'll always be able to discuss books. I guess you could say it's my back-up plan. And I'll continue to read Batman stories if that's what it takes to make Cole a book lover.

I came across a link today which gave some ideas on cultivating young readers. Take a look. I hope you get some ideas to spur reading with your kids or grandkids.

And finally, what books are your kids reading???

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