Thursday, April 16, 2009


I thought it might be fun to post a few of my assignments from FIction Workshop Class. Here's the first one -- a 500 word scene description. It's actually the start of a new story I will eventually create.

Anne tried to study the menu, but her eyes kept wandering to the large window of the trendy eatery’s facade. The sound of the steady rain, along with the hush of the sparsely-populated restaurant, soothed her nerves. It wasn’t like the banker to be so bold and accept a lunch invitation from a graphics designer.  

Casually, she glanced at her watch as the place began to fill with professionals. 11:18.

“Miss? Are you ready to order?”

The aroma of the spicy Thai cuisine intensified at that very moment. Her stomach flipped.

“Not yet. I’m waiting for someone.”

Anne sighed in anticipation as more patrons entered the swanky cafe. Chatter began to muffle the sound of the rain as Anne felt her anxiety brew. 

Soon an Asian woman dashed by the window. The lime trench coat and polka-dot portfolio inescapably identified the graphics designer. She entered the restaurant, bustling through  the crowd waiting to be seated. Amiably, she spoke to the hostess who hurriedly pointed to Anne’s table. Anne stood, reminded herself to smile, and offered a handshake to her lunch date.


“Anne! So nice to meet you in person!” Li’s hands enclosed Anne’s stiffly extended fingers. Strangely, the exuberant welcome seemed to diminish Anne’s apprehension.

The waitress reappeared with a pitcher of water. “I’ll be back in a minute to take your orders.”

As Li slid out of her coat, Anne gasped, covering her mouth. Li abruptly looked to determine the source of the gasp. Both ladies adorned the same navy wrap dress, purchased from a Gap store. Only their accessories differed; Li wore a bright silk scarf, Anne wore a necklace with a pendant.

“I see you have good taste,” remarked Li with a smile.

Li powered up her Mac laptop and began her quest to impress Anne with award-winning logos and web designs.

“Did you hear that?” Li’s hand flew to her mid-section. “How embarrassing. My stomach is growling at me.” Her eyes floated toward a waiter carrying a Thai chicken lahvosh appetizer.

“Do you smell the cilantro?” Anne asked while admiring the logo on the computer. She glanced at the food. “That particular dish looks divine, but is probably too much for one person to eat.”

The waitress reappeared, pen and pad in hand. The commotion in the restaurant seemed to fade as the ladies focused on their new order of business – what to eat.

“Can I interest you in something to drink, other than water?” asked the waitress as she caught her breath.

Li addressed her potential client, “I rarely do this, but would you like a glass of wine? To go with our lahvosh?”

As Anne considered the offer, the sudden crash of dinner plates rang throughout the restaurant. Conversations paused for a few seconds, allowing Anne to direct her thoughts properly.

“I better not,” blushed the banker, not wanting to seem prudish to her chic date.

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