Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time to Celebrate!

It's spring. Yahoo! And reasons to celebrate just keep multiplying...

1. The Twilight DVD arrived three days before the release date. And Amazon gave me some sort of $5 discount. Yahoo! Doug explains the phenomenon by pointing out the frequency of purchases from my favorite web-retailer.
2. Coldplay decided to surprise me for my 40th birthday by playing at the Qwest in June! Yahoo! Do you suppose Chris Martin will be singing happy birthday to me?
3. My newest book club friends decided to read one of my suggestions – Snowflower and the Secret Fan. Yahoo! I hope they like it and don’t kick me out of the group.
4. Flowers are popping out of the ground. Yahoo! I can’t even kill them yet.
5. It’s Sunday afternoon and I haven’t had a headache since early yesterday morning. Yahoo. Knock, knock, knock on wood.
6. Jim Zimmerman won a customer service award at the Chamber Banquet Friday night. Yahoo! Denise Reinig won last year – the Shelby County State Bank has a pretty good run going.
7. After taking a personality test, it turns out that all four of us Kramers are INTROVERTED! Who'da thought? Yahoo!
8. Mom, aka Rubi J has the most adorable new line of organic cotton T's. Yahoo! Watch for some upcoming deals...
8. Flash, my hamster, I mean Cole's hamster is still alive and seems to be growing into a big, fat guinea pig! Yahoo! He’s so cute. Wait speaking of Flash…

It was brought to my attention that Flash receives more blogging time than my very own father. So, here goes. Dad, you’re the best. You’re funny and look way younger than your 62 (?) years of age. I’m so proud of all the motorcycles you have rebuilt and hope someday I’ll be able to rebuild a 1934 JD Indian Panhead, just like you.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Readers!

Last Tuesday I joined the "Lunch and Learn" series at our local library. Every month, one of the librarians leads a discussion on a certain book. After completing my gig with the vampires, I read THE READER by Bernhard Schlink so I could join in. Admittedly I was a little nervous before the session. What if I didn't contribute? What if my observations seemed trite?

My concerns were invalid. It was fun, relaxing and completely enjoyable. Truly, lovers of books are a special breed of people. Whether introverted or extroverted, whether a sci-fi or a romantic, whether a realist or a fantasist, readers can easily connect.

The key, I think? Being open to other perspectives AND a love of learning...about anything. There is something so completely engaging about discussing a book with another. This past week, I've had so many discussions about books with different people, (admittedly much about Edward and Bella) and the affect? Truly uplifting! (Of course, this weather may have something to do with it as well.)

Anyway, for all you readers out there (you know who you are!), think about coming to a "lunch and learn" at the library. It's the second Tuesday of every month. I can't wait to find out our next "assignment" and once again join my interesting group of new friends!

And if you're interested in meeting other readers or finding book suggestions, check out Shelfari .It's my favorite social networking site by far! (Although I have the fewest number of friends here...)