Monday, December 8, 2008

NYC... It is Altogether...

"It is altogether an extraordinary growing, swarming, glittering, pushing, chattering, good-natured cosmopolitan place." -Henry James

Well-said Mr. James!

Doug and I took in as much of NYC as we could in two full days. We skimmed through many of the must-sees, but not all of them! We basically tasted it -- someday we'll go back for the full course.

As the New York skyline disappears while our plane flies us away, I am already missing the place. I swear I've been here before -- perhaps in another life? No, how silly of me. All of my favorite movies take place in New York. When you've watched You Got Mail as many times as I have...

But there's something more to this strange sense of homesickness I feel for a city that I would never want to live. It started when we visited Ellis Island. It's the spirit of my ancestors who braved the elements to make a new life here. Talk about courage. And our particular ancestors didn't stop in New York. They went another world away to the Midwest! (Perhaps the people in the burroughs scared them away...Or perhaps the open prairie beckoned them forth.)

So, while the commerce, architecture, history and the arts in New York genuinely intrigued me, I leave the city most inspired by the courage of all the immigrants who created the most eclectic culture in the world...starting in NYC, then permeating the rest of the great nation of ours.

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