Friday, July 4, 2008


I asked my son,Cole, why we celebrated the 4th of July. His response:

"Because we like to do fireworks, picnics and play on rides."

An appropriate response for a six-year old, I think. Then I asked my daughter, Alex, to tell me what freedom meant to her. An aspiring writer herself, she wrote the following:

"Freedom to me means not being controlled, because we shouldn’t have to be. Anyone who thinks that he or she should be given more freedom than another is not recognizing another human being’s freedom. Slavery was a time when almost all African-Americans were given very little freedom or power. So freedom to me is not being controlled, it’s being free to choose what you want to do."

Alex, age 11

I hope my children never take their freedom for granted, as it can be an easy thing to do.

As I worked on my garden this morning, I made a list of the freedoms I'm thankful for. Here's what I came up with:

1) To go outside and feel safe.
2) To get into my car and drive anywhere I choose.
3) To talk to whoever I want.
4) To express my opinion.
5) To learn, especially to read.
6) To marry the person I fell in love with and still love.
7) To work in a pleasant environment.
8) To appreciate diversity.
9) To protect my children and raise them in a safe surrounding.
10)To create my own life.

Obviously not everyone in America enjoys these freedoms. But I pray everyone can enjoy at least some of these, someday.

What does freedom mean to my husband? I'd ask, but he's on his motorcycle, enjoying the freedom of the road.

Have a joyous weekend and God Bless America.

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