Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Ballerina Slipper by Alex Kramer

“Wow! Thanks grandma!” said Kia.

“You’re very welcome, Kia,” said her Grandma Joyce. “It’s was mine when I was a girl you know. It’s been passed down from generation to generation in my family.” Kia’s grandma had just given her a pearly white, ballerina slipper! The ornamental slipper was made from real pearls. It had Alexandrite gems streaming all around the bottom rim and engraved in silver the words “To A Real Ballerina” with a little gold heart right above it. It was the most beautiful thing Kia had ever seen.

“Now Kia,” said her grandma, taking Kia out of her trance. “Never let anyone take that from you. It’s very old and very delicate.”

“I promise, Grandma!” said Kia.

10 years later

“Wow! I would have loved to get something like that when I was five!” said Camille, Kia’s best friend. Kia had just shown Camille the ballerina slipper.

“Thanks! I always bring it with me before a big test like this one,” said Kia, beaming. “Just for good luck.” Kia and Camille walked into class, took their seats, and took the test.

They’d just finished the test and were headed home.

“That test was sooo hard,” said Camille. “I can’t believe I even finished it!”

“Speak for yourself,” Kia said. “I had, like, nine questions left.”

Camille was staying at Kia’s house for the weekend while her parents were away. They got home with the greeting of Kia’s dog barking and shouting from the inside.

“Be quiet you stupid dog,” said a man’s voice Kia had never heard before.

“Come on! It’s not here,” said another man’s voice, also unfamiliar. “We’ll just have to tell the boss what happened.”

“Hide behind this tree!” said Kia so frantically it made Camille jump. They ran behind the nearest tree while the door opened and the men walked out. Camille stuck her head out a little. One man looked around at the tree while Camille quickly ducked.

“I think there’s someone behind that tree,” said the man.

“Don’t be stupid,” said the other man. “That girl couldn’t have walked home so fast.” The men left, and Kia and Camille came out from behind the tree, both puzzled.

“Who were those guys?” asked Camille, she still had a puzzled look on her face. “What were they looking for?”

“I don’t know, but it must be something valuable,” answered Kia. She was hoping it wasn’t her slipper, but she had half a mind that it was. They walked in and saw that nothing was messed up. They both set their bags down and walked up to Kia’s room and sat on her bed, listening to music and reading magazines. Then suddenly they heard a scream! They both looked out the window at the same time. The two men were grabbing a woman’s purse and telling her to be quiet. Kia ran outside grasping the slipper while Camille darted after her. Kia bounded out the door with Camille (who had finally caught up) and raced toward the woman!

“Stop!” yelled Kia.

“Let go of her purse!” yelled Camille. The men dropped the purse and the woman ran in terror. Both men were staring at the slipper in Kia’s hand.

“Get the slipper!” one yelled. Kia ran, Camille couldn’t keep up. Kia kept running! She turned into a corner and saw it was a dead end!

“Give us the slipper,” said one man.

“No! It was my grandma’s and I’ll never give it up!” yelled Kia in terror. “Why do you want it anyway?”

“Cause it’s worth a lot of money and we were paid to get ‘em from ya.” said the other man.

“What do you mean ‘them’?” challenged Kia. “I only have one.”

“We found the other one in a box at your house addressed to you,” said a man while he pulled out another ornamental ballet slipper and was made from pink pearl with light green Peridot gems running around the top half. Engraved in gold were the words “To Ballerinas with Grace” with another little heart right above it only this time the heart was silver. Then the man pulled out a heart-shaped locket with a ruby inside.

“This stupid thing was also for you,” said the man and tossed the locket to her. She caught it as she lunged forward for the other slipper. Once she had the slipper, she started to run when she heard sirens from a police car. Camille had called the police! They arrived just in time to catch the robbers.

“Thanks,” said Kia.

“Your welcome,” said Camille in reply. They answered a few questions from the police and walked home.

The End…For Now

See next time what happens to Kia and Camille as they unlock more mysteries of the ballerina slippers.

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